Presidential Campaign Double Speak ?>

Presidential Campaign Double Speak

Campaigners in  presidential  elections speak out of one side of their mouth in the primary election; then, out of the other side of their mouth in the general election. In the primaries, the Democratic candidates reach out to the left wing of their party; and similarly, the Republican candidates take positions to curry favor with the right wing of their party. This is the strategy office-seekers must adopt to be nominated by their political party. If the members of the…

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The Impact of Online Videos on the 2008 Presidential Race ?>

The Impact of Online Videos on the 2008 Presidential Race

Many political experts predicted that the upcoming US presidential race will be different from previous elections. One of the factors that contributes to the uniqueness of the 2008 election is the growing involvement of new media especially the Internet. The World-Wide-Web is a significant factor in the upcoming presidential race. And the candidates and their campaigns have recognize the opportunity that the web can offer. Nowadays, every candidate owns a website which is used to gather monetary support. The web…

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Martial Artist For Barack Obama For President ?>

Martial Artist For Barack Obama For President

This a great time in history. As one writer put it “The Obama Phenomena” is coming up fast. This man has come from the back of the bus so to speak to the front. Right now, he is the best and brightness super star on the plant. He is a role model for many that has no hope of ever reaching that high. On November 4th 2008 the United States of America will make history. If we are blessed a…

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Political Jokes Topped in Florida – Politician Humor ?>

Political Jokes Topped in Florida – Politician Humor

Political Jokes Topped in Florida The great humorist Will Rogers had the right outlook on politics: “There is nothing wrong with a political joke as long as he doesn’t get elected.” He said, “Politics has got so expensive that it takes a lot of money to even get beat with.” Humor has always been part of American politics. Perhaps this is a legacy of our Revolution — to keep our leaders from taking themselves too seriously. The current presidential campaign…

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E-Voting-Voter Apathy-Presidential Elections And The Ecitizen Of The Future ?>

E-Voting-Voter Apathy-Presidential Elections And The Ecitizen Of The Future

Consider the future if you will with iPod Voting, Internet Voting, TV Remote Control Voting or voting by General Motors GPS Onstar Voting by voice activated software while you drive to work? Think we are crazy in the Online Think Tank for discussing this potential eventuality. Wake up because your world may never be the same again; changing the dynamics of voting. Now then lets discuss; E-Voting, Voter Apathy,  Presidential   Elections  and the eCitizen of the Future. Yes you are…

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Update: Mexico’s President-Elect ?>

Update: Mexico’s President-Elect

I’ve recovered from my marathon. Felipe Calderon won the recount, but AMLO is going to take it all to court. There is a massive protest getting ready to happen in Mexico City tomorrow (Saturday, July 8). It’s going to be interesting to see what happens now…..I just hope there isn’t any violence. The stereotypes of Mexico are very obsolete and I hope that the Mexican people can maintain their cool and not get ugly over this. They are a beautiful…

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The Political Campaign of 1800 ?>

The Political Campaign of 1800

The political campaign of 1800–in which Thomas Jefferson and another Republican, Aaron Burr, challenged John Adams in his bid for reelection to the presidency–would prove to be one of the most significant campaigns in American history. Jefferson had devised a strategy long before the election. Two years earlier, he had begun a letter-writing campaign designed to spread his thoughts around the country. Jefferson sent letters to all of his influential Republican supporters and also to Republican newspapers. In the letters,…

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Why I Am Meh About Bernie Sanders ?>

Why I Am Meh About Bernie Sanders

I have been troubled by my own lack of enthusiasm for the Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy. In the past, I’ve always been an energetic supporter; Bernie for Mayor, Bernie for House, Bernie for Senate – count me in! When Bernie was elected to the US Senate, I loved how the media couldn’t mention his name without prefacing it with “The self-avowed socialist… ” I made a lapel button that said “Self-Avowed” and set it to him. So why now, with…

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Presidential Campaign 2016 ?>

Presidential Campaign 2016

The 2016 Presidential Campaign has fueled the fervor of the masses demonstrating the frustrations and conflicts Americans are challenged with every day. The gloves are off. The gloves are off — not just off between one political party and the opposing political party — but instead, removed between the individual and the government. The gloves were removed in response to the anger Americans have seized in search of a better way. They held their tongues, they tried to behave non-violently…

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Martin Van Buren’s Political Campaign For President ?>

Martin Van Buren’s Political Campaign For President

In 1936, the Democratic Party again gathered in Baltimore for their presidential political campaign convention. Vice President Martin Van Buren, the man who had masterminded Andrew Jackson’s campaign, was the party’s choice for president. Richard Mentor Johnson of Kentucky was Jackson’s choice for vice president, and the party followed his wishes. Van Buren was the son of a tavern keeper from the small village of Kinderhook, New York. He had become a leader in New York state politics in what…

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